Russian Translation Services

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Since the founding of Velior, translation has been our main specialization, accounting for about 80% of our sales.

We rely on a team of in-house linguists, as well as trusted freelance translators. We test our translators vigorously and only work with those who have proved to be reliable over time. Most translations are edited by an in-house editor, as long as editing is included in the rate. Our experience—10+ years in the industry—makes a difference by saving you time and money that you would otherwise waste on unprofessional vendors.

Language combinations

We mainly provide text translation into Russian and also translate from Russian into English. If your project involves other language combinations in addition to one of those, we might be able to provide translation as well.

These are our most frequent language combinations:

  • English to Russian translation
  • Russian to English translation
  • German to Russian translation
  • French to Russian translation
  • English to Ukrainian translation


  • Medical translation is our priority area.
  • We love to translate in the areas of business administration, IT, and general purpose texts.
  • We also translate legal and financial texts.

Technology: translation memory

For each translation project, we use the translation memory tool OmegaT to bring various benefits to you:

  • Higher quality thanks to a more efficient translation process, exact replication of original formatting, and improved consistency across your projects;
  • Discounts for repetitions and matches with the translation memory. 100% matches can cost as low as 10% of the regular rate (if revision is not required);
  • Maintaining a translation memory for a client allows engaging a different translator if the main translator is not available and waiting is not option for you;
  • OmegaT also allows simultaneous work of several translators, making it possible to reduce turnaround time dramatically in time-sensitive projects.

Technology: quality assurance

Every translation we do undergoes automated quality assurance; that is, using a QA program to detect various types of errors in translation, including omitted numbers, untranslated sentences, and inconsistent terminology, just to name a few. In addition to the built-in QA functions of our translation program, OmegaT, we use an external tool called Verifika. These programs improve the quality of translations by finding errors that are difficult for the human eye to catch. Our rigorous quality assurance is particularly appreciated by clients who do QA on their end as well, because our files come already checked and there is not much left to do.

Technology: project management

For translation project management, we use XTRF, an advanced system that enhances the translation process for all stakeholders:

  • XTRF helps the entire process go smoothly, eliminating delays and making sure deadlines are always met.
  • XTRF enables clients to confirm quotes instantaneously, track projects and payments, access completed files quickly, and much more.
  • By automating routine project management tasks, XTRF helps us keep costs low.
  • XTRF ensures that clients enjoy a consistent experience.

Translation rates

We offer four quality levels tailored to meet different needs and budgets:

  • Premium: Translation by a top translator + editing by a top translator. Recommended for more challenging texts such as marketing or highly-specialized content.
  • Standard: Translation by a regular translator + editing by a regular translator.
  • Translation only: Translation by a regular translator + brief quality assurance by a regular translator. Quality may be insufficient for important projects.
  • Economy: Machine translation post-edited by a regular translator. It is good for translations required for legal reasons only or just to understand the gist of the text.

It is the high-quality translation that accounts for the bulk of our work, though. And this is what we normally recommend to clients, because it is more likely to bring you the results you need. Think of it as an investment in your future, rather than an unpleasant, but unavoidable, business expense.

Additional services

Besides translation, we may include additional services in our quote, depending on your original files. These services are optional; that is, you can do them on your end if you choose to.

  • Re-creation of formatting: For uneditable source files, we re-create the formatting first. Although this is a paid service, it may also save money by making it possible to use a translation memory tool, which has many advantages, including the potential for discounts.
  • DTP: We can also do desktop publishing after translation if the translated files call for it. Otherwise, we can deliver loosely formatted files for you to do DTP on your end.
  • Post-DTP proofreading: We can either proofread the files after DTP or you can do it yourself if you believe you can do it better or cheaper.

Contact us for a quote or a free consultation today. It will be our pleasure to take a look at your project and see what we can do.