Consulting Services for Language Service Providers

Consulting makes it possible for translation agencies to run a more profitable translation business, whether yours is a mom-and-pop operation or a company with 50+ staff.

Training Services for Translation Professionals

Training is designed to help you run a more profitable translation business, whether you are a “lone ranger” or a translation agency with 50+ staff. Tap our 10+ years of hands-on experience in the translation industry to get to the top 5% in your niche.

Russian Desktop Publishing Services

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is a service involving our graphic designer preparing your unformatted translated or written materials for printing or publishing online. The more difficult the formatting is, the more essential it is to buy DTP. A plain Microsoft Word document with no images or charts requires little effort in terms of DTP, whereas a 100-page Adobe InDesign file full of images, tables, charts, and cross references will cost you much more.

Russian Proofreading Services

Monolingual proofreading gives translations or any other copy a final, polished character. Everyone needs a proofreader to make sure their content is 100% ready for publishing or delivery to business partners.

Russian Editing and Quality Assurance Services

Bilingual translation editing, also called translation revision or review is a separate service that you buy when you have a translation made by someone else and want a third party to make sure it is 100% correct.

Russian Translation Services

Since the founding of Velior, translation has been our main specialization, accounting for about 80% of our sales.

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