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Translation Costs: Standard, Specialized, and Creative Texts

Why does one text cost more to translate than another? One reason is difficulty. Standard texts are easier to translate than specialized or marketing ones. Read this article to understand why. Let’s begin with a few examples. Examples of standard texts E-mail about implementation of a new HR application in an organization Summons Medical information […]

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Video: How to Export TMXs for Specific Files and Time Ranges in OmegaT

This video explains how to make OmegaT create translation memories that only hold translation units from particular source files or segments saved within specific time ranges. Exporting TMXs for specific files This function comes in handy when you need to run quality assurance on a translation in a separate QA program, such as Verifika, but […]

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Video: Segments with Identical Source and Target in OmegaT

This video explains how to deal with “source equals target” segments in OmegaT. Before getting down to it, let’s configure a few off-the-shelf settings in OmegaT to make the Editor pane more intuitive. I recommend enabling these three options in the View menu: Mark Translated Segments Display Source Segments Mark Untranslated Segments Enabling them results […]

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Avoid Picking Up Where You Left Off

Interruptions are a major barrier to high productivity during translation, just as in any other aspect of life. One such interruption is switching from one task to another, resulting in unproductive “recalibration.” This article explains how this can be avoided. Example A project manager asks a translator to help with a small translation. Because the […]

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Video: How to Run Professional Quality Assurance in OmegaT

This video explains how to run quality assurance using some of the built-in functions in OmegaT as well as external programs. Internal functions: Spelling checker In addition to checking spelling and grammar on-the-fly, OmegaT provides a script called spellcheck.groovy that can check spelling in the entire project or current file. By running this script, you […]

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Translation Quality Is Not Set in Stone

In her excellent article about translation rate trends, translator Rose Newell talks about what she calls the “quality levels farce,” meaning that quality levels offered by translation agencies are ridiculous. Rose argues that professional translators will never succumb to delivering translations of varying degrees of quality, so the very idea of quality levels is wrong. […]

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