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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Translation Costs: Standard, Specialized, and Creative Texts

Why does one text cost more to translate than another? One reason is difficulty. Standard texts are easier to translate than specialized or marketing ones. Read this article to understand why. Let’s begin with a few examples. Examples of standard texts E-mail about implementation of a new HR application in an organization Summons Medical information […]

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Translation Quality Is Not Set in Stone

In her excellent article about translation rate trends, translator Rose Newell talks about what she calls the “quality levels farce,” meaning that quality levels offered by translation agencies are ridiculous. Rose argues that professional translators will never succumb to delivering translations of varying degrees of quality, so the very idea of quality levels is wrong. […]

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The Ultimate Shortcut to Translating Russian into English with Optimal Quality


Looking for a translation agency to translate Russian into English? This article explains why it is important to have your translation done by a native speaker, budget permitting. Why a native speaker? Translation is best done by native speakers of the target language (the one being translated into), because it requires excellent command of the […]

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Translation Prices Explained

The fees translation vendors charge for translation services vary depending on multiple factors. This article lists some of the most important among them. Quality Translation price is largely a function of quality, making it the single most important differentiator. Vendors with a “high volume, low margin” strategy attract clients with rock-bottom rates, but are unlikely […]

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Google Translate Killed Translation of Personal E-mails


As online translators are getting better, it makes a lot of sense to use these free-of-charge services to translate your private correspondence—whether e-mails or Skype—rather than professional translation services. Obviously, machine translation is not always appropriate, but my point is that it is quite often sufficient for this type of text. What kind of correspondence […]

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