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Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Why Do Translation Rates Vary So Widely?

Receiving quotes for translation from several providers can be confusing, because the prices will be very different. Although different factors make up translation price, there is a single most important factor: quality. This post explains how quality is reflected in translation price, using a car analogy. Translations are like cars when it comes to price. […]

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“Wait” Your Way to Higher Quality

Buying translation often involves making a decision about what is more important to you: speed or quality. Read this article to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of both approaches. Comparison Advantages Drawbacks Speed Since you get your translation faster, you can start using it sooner, and it can bring you the results you want […]

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Common English to Russian Translation Errors. Part 5

This next article in the series focuses mainly on stylistic issues. Note that my suggestions are not final truths and are context-sensitive, as is often the case with stylistic errors. Subtle difference between “программа” and “программное обеспечение” The first English-to-Russian dictionary definition for the word “software” is “программное обеспечение.” This Russian term means software as […]

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OmegaT Heroes: Didier Briel. Part 1


I was lucky to catch English to French translator, consultant, and OmegaT development manager Didier Briel between jobs for a brief interview. With a very interesting TM concept that sets it apart from competitive tools, regular releases of new versions, and commitment to listening to its users, OmegaT has been gaining momentum in recent years, […]

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Do Not Rush to Fix Problems on Your Own

Technical problems in our line of work are frustrating, but it does not have to be this way. Last week, we had two similar situations with freelance partners, where the individual ran into problems with our files, but chose to spend time figuring out solutions instead of informing us: The first translator received a translation […]

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How to Find Great Deals on Translation?

Do you want to save on your translation? Read this article to learn about discounts applicable to translation services, and save the next time you buy translation. Volume discount Like most other products and services, translation is eligible for volume discounts. I have heard people say this should not be true, but I disagree, for […]

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Segmentation Is Important

Segmentation means breaking translatable text into the smallest translation-friendly logical pieces. Because computer-aided translation (CAT) tools segment texts using very basic rules by default (such as breaking a paragraph into two or more sentences with a period between them), the result is often suboptimal. But it should not be this way. Poor segmentation makes it […]

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Machine Translation: Chess Analogy


Let’s talk about the future of translation. Not to make predictions, but to look objectively at some of the aspects where machine translation can have an upper hand. The famous chess game between the supercomputer Deep Blue and the then-reigning world champion Garry Kasparov provides an interesting perspective from which to do this. Deep Blue […]

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