Date: April2014

Learn how you can increase translation quality while cutting costs.

Google Translate Killed Translation of Personal E-mails


As online translators are getting better, it makes a lot of sense to use these free-of-charge services to translate your private correspondence—whether e-mails or Skype—rather than professional translation services. Obviously, machine translation is not always appropriate, but my point is that it is quite often sufficient for this type of text. What kind of correspondence […]

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OmegaT Video: Most Useful Scripts in OmegaT


In my latest webinar, I looked at three important scripts that you can use in OmegaT. Watch this video to learn how to use them. Spell checking Written by Piotr Kulik and called spellcheck.groovy, this script makes it possible to check spelling in the entire project, thus complementing spell checking that happens on-the-fly in the […]

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Sending Larger Translation Projects in Batches


Sending a translation job all at once and sending the same job in batches over a period of time are two very different scenarios. This article lists some of the advantages and drawbacks of the batch approach. Pros of splitting a translation project into batches Ensuring timely delivery. The single most important advantage is having […]

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Review of OmegaT 3.0.8_2: How to Make Tags in XLIFF and TMX Match


This video about a minor release of the translation memory tool OmegaT focuses on just three changes. Ignore type and ctype attributes when building tag shortcuts Available under Project => Properties => File Filters => XLIFF => Options, this new option makes it possible to ignore the two attributes, for example when you want ph […]

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